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- testimonials and SUCCESS STORIES -


50ish year old male patient walked into the office using a cane because of a deteriorating knee condition. After a 2 hour treatment, he walked out the same day without a cane. At his next doctor's visit, the doctor cancelled his knee surgery because he could find anything wrong. Two years later, he returned to thank me again for helping him and report he still felt great.


80ish year old female patient presented with Urinary Retention, was released without recourse except to use catheterization 4 times a day. After treatments, she was down to one cath. She stopped treatment because she was traveling from out of town and was happy with the level of progress she acquired. She reported that 2 months later, she was not 'cath'ing at all.


Can you imagine being 80ish and having to catheterize yourself 4 times a day and feeling as if there was no other option?


30ish year old female patient presented with chronic neck pain and seere headaches resulting from a car accident with possible whiplash. She was a school teacher and was becoming less able to function in her profession and frustrated with the many treatments / therapies she had explored for the year before she came to my office. Her last option was surgery. She came for several treatments, once a week and at completion was pain free.


50ish year old male presented with chronic back pain and sciatic pain. He expressed his discouragement with all the therapies he had tried over the many years of trying to alleviate his pain and that this would be his last resort. He worked in physical labor and was continually aggrevating his situation. After several treatments, he pain was gone and he was able to continue working.


30ish year old woman was approx 20 lbs overweight with inability to lose weight with poor eating habits had been on various diets and strategies and continued to steadily gain over the years. After 2 week allergy elimination and diet adjustment, lost 10 lbs. and felt she could maintain the diet without issue.


50ish year old male patient presented with unexplained weight loss. Had lost 60 lbs in the last 2 months (appx one pound per day) and was not overweight to begin with. After several medical tests, it was determined that there was nothing wrong with him. After completing an intuitive health scan to determine what might be the cause and addressing the cause that was discovered. Three days after he began treatment, he reported that he had gain 3 pounds. Which also meant that he did not lose 3 more.

Upon follow-up one year later, indicated he was still doing well.


60ish year old male presented in my office, confused to the point that he was not able to be understood or express himself. My first impression was that he was mistakening left without his guardian or lost. Upon questioning him, I realized he was my next patient. After his first treatment I discovered he was a brilliant computer engineer that was having difficulting on a daily basis with focus which was interferring with his work and life. We found his condition was related to multiple allergies from food and environmental to chemicals, even the coating on his glasses! These things would cause his eyes to glaze over, muddle his thinking and ability to function, or carry on a normal conversaion. His activities were limited because of his reactions to nearly everything he came in contact with.

After several months of treatment he was able to function on a more steady basis and could identify the sources causing reaction. We did eliminations on the items we identified and are continuing to work through his allergies. He has been able to take biking trips and do some exercise with very little reaction.

Before coming to my office, he had tried several therapies with other similar therapist without response.


Teenage girl presented with long standing peanut and other allergies. When tested by her doctor, it was determined that she was 80% allergic to peanuts. After one treatment, she reported she was retested to be 20% allergic to peanuts.


"Pat is my guru! I have been in the healthcare field for 2 decades and Pat was my classmate in oriental medicine school. Having said that, I would like to share there is no one else I would trust to take care of my own aches and pains of body and soul. She is a gifted practitioner who beautifully integrates body-centered and energy work in her caring for her patients. Thank you Pat for spending your winters in Florida so I can have you closer for when I need you to rescue me! Love, ClaudiaSaiba mais" - Claudia


I have done the sequence (Axialtonal Alignment) by now, three times. I feel a great surge of energy - that I really enjoy to use as I work a lot. I have one health problem that seems to be accesed somehow: I am about to undergo a stomatologic surgery intervention to build up the bone around the exposed root of a teeth. It is scheduled for the 4-th September. Since 2 months I had to use painkillers to sooth the pain, I could help myself a little with homeopathic remedies, but the last two weeks I had been taking the drugs on daily basis. I still feel the pain, but on the scale from 1 to 10, it is around 3, and I have not used any remedies since yesterday. - Witold G., M.D. - Poland


I am a 69 year old man with spinal stenosis. Had major back surgery in 1979. It appears that the stenosis plus physical activity have taken a toll and the pain in my lower right back with spasms traveling down my right thigh have become unbearable. This condition is inoperable. After 30 treatments with a Chiropractor, with zero positive results, I was at my whit's end. I started Acupuncture treatments and began to feel some relief. Pat Ahner began Neuromuscular Therapy with the Acupuncture treatments and after approximately three months I felt better than I have in years. I actually played 18 holes of golf without pain!! What a relief. I am continuing treatment on a weekly basis with the hopes of tapering off to a once a month schedule. Maybe some time down the road I can extend the treatments to bi-monthly or even longer. My quality of life has improved dramatically and I highly recommend Pat Ahner as a qualified Acupuncturist and Therapist. She goes the extra mile to find a procedure and/or treatment to best serve the needs of her patient. - Terry

Follow-up: This patient is taking monthly treatments at present and maintaining the same level of relief.


I have been a migraine sufferer for many years and had been reading about accupuncture for pain. When I heard about Pat being in my area I decided that it was time to give it a try. After the very first treatment I already felt better. She also helped the arthritis in my hip. It is painless and is wonderfully relaxing. I would suggest to anyone to try it. Thank you to Pat for making my life better. - Dianne - Ohio


It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Patricia Ahner as an extremely effective therapist. Importantly, she is knowledgeable about the physiology of the entire body which enables her to accurately identify problem areas for treatment.

She carefully listens to what I tell her, incorporating that information into her treatment regimen. She is not only very effective, but a very pleasant person to deal with and one who also encourages me to take charge of my health, suggesting nutritional support practices in addition to her hands on treatments.

Because her treatments have given me significant relief from severe back pain, I wholeheartedly endorse her as an effective and caring provider.

As an aside, based on my experience, my husband has also taken treatments with Patricia for leg pain and stiffness. He too is very happy with the progress he has made under her care. - Patricia F. - OH


Limited Range of Motion after Shoulder Surgery and Physical Therapy:

I had a total reverse shoulder replacement in March 2015. After physical therapy told me they had done all they could for me I had about 45-50% range of motion. After four visits with Pat I have increased that range of motion drastically and believe we will achieve 100 % ROM soon. Then I can resume playing golf which has always been one of my passions. Thanks Pat for being there for me. - Charlie - SC


There are so many alternative therapies I am using that are achieving clinical results to address all the issues described above and many more. I look forward to working with you to improve or eliminate your health issue. Contact Get-Relief Today! 954-330-9425

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