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The Story:

Some time ago, I was handed a piece of paper, with a drawing of the human body. On the body were drawn lines and instructions on how to reconnect those lines with the Axialtonal Lines. At the time I had no idea what they were, or why I needed to align them.

10+ years later, I referred to these lines when speaking to my friend and fellow Acupuncturist. This sparked an investigation by her and after some research, she suggested that Acupuncture points were the pathway to reconnect with the Axiatonal Lines.

A little personal colleague is a healer and intuit as am I, and we have been working in the healing arts field since mid 1990's. Now we are Licensed Acupuncture Physicians.

Within the next year+, I worked out a process with Acupuncture Points of the physical body to align with the Axialtonal Lines and decided to offer this to my patients. With this, the true  "secret" (some consider this the "missing link"), you are more in control of your life and your health than ever before.

What I have discovered is: the Axialtonal Alignment is a little sensitive. There is a safety built in that will kick you off (misalign you again) under certain circumstances.

The Rules: Only positive, non-ego, thoughts relating to helping others seems to be allowed. Thoughts and intentions need to be selfless and worldly. Any negative or self-centered thinking will set you off the (axialtonal) grid.

I have found it is best done when someone is sleeping for optimal benefit, as the mind cannot get in the way of what I call the "gridwork".

My experience as an intuit after reconnection is: there seems like a lot of DNA work is going on, a restructuring of sorts. When I do it on myself, I feel my cells regenerating, as if rebuilding, a kind of clicking/vibrating feeling. There is a significant expansion followed by a "downloading" feeling. It is continual, as long as you are on the grid, however you adapt to the "vibration" and seem to only feel it when you have been disconnected for some time and again are reconnected. There also seems to be positive feedback, meaning, whatever your issue is for the day, if you are on the grid (aligned) and your thoughts are presented in the way described earlier, the issues are resolved quite quickly.


For the Patient - Remote Axialtonal Alignment treatment: $95


I am an Acupuncturist and Medical Intuitive and am able to perform the sequence either in my office or remotely / intuitively anytime. Email me for more information. Payment is accepted through paypal at, Venmo and $Cash App
Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.

See the difference in your life, it's amazing and it is NO coincidence you found me!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. I am looking for testimonials to put on the site for viewers to more fully understand the process and what to expect from it.


Axialtonal (Axiotonal/Axiatonal) Lines Explained: 
This explanation was taken from the book "What is Lightbody?" by Ariel/Tachi-ren

"The fifth-dimensional etheric blueprint is made up of an axiotonal meridian system, an axial circulatory system, and spin points through which these systems and structures are connected.

As part of this game of separation, the human axiotonal meridians were cut off from direct connection with the Overself and other star populations. This created brain atrophy, aging and death. Axiotonal lines are the equivalent of acupuncture meridians that can connect with the Oversoul and resonant start systems.

Through the axiotonal lines, a human body is directly reprogrammed by the Overself into a new body of Light. Axiotonal lines exist independently of any physical body or biological form. They emanate from various star systems and are the means by which the galactic body controls its renewing mechanisms. Picture the Milky Way as the body of a living conscious being. The stars and planets are organs in that body; all the different species on the stars and planets are like cells in the organs of the galactic body, renewing the energies of the organs and cells. Planet Earth and her inhabitants were separated from the galactic body and the Oversoul to play this game of separation, and are now being reconnected.

The Axiotonal lines are made of Light and Sound. Once reconnection has occurred, the Overself transmits the appropriate color/tone frequencies to regenerate the physical body into a Lightbody.

The axiotonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians and connect into some of them by means of the “spin" points in every cell of the body. These cellular points emit Sound and Light frequencies which spin the atoms of the molecules in the cell at a faster rate. Through the increased molecular spin, Light fibers are created which set up a grid for cellular regeneration.

The axioal circulatory system was completely vestigial in the human species, due to the axiotonal lines being disconnected so that this game could be played. It is a fifth-dimensional energy system that connects the spin points on the skin surface to every spin point in every cell. It is a model for physical transmutation and it is being renewed now that the axiotonal lines are reconnected. The axial system pulses energy like the circulatory system pulses blood, but the axial system is basically electrical in nature, like the nervous system. The Overself sends energy into the axiotonal line, which then goes into the spin points on the surface of the skin, feeding the physical acupuncture meridians and then the axial system. As the axial system receives energy from the Overself, it recombines color and sound to realign the blood, lymph, endocrine, and nervous system into the Divine Template, the Adam Kadmon. It also carries the energy Sound and Light to create a gridwork for the renewed evolution of humankind."1

1. "What is Lightbody?" by Ariel/Tachi-ren

“My main focus is to help patients re-balance their minds and bodies through alternative therapies. The body has the innate ability to heal itself. Through my practice I provide various therapies, information, tools, and advice to the patient so they can achieve their optimal health and regain their lives.” ~ Patricia J Ahner, AP, LAc, LMT