#axialtonalalignment #getinthezone Remote Axialtonal Alignment - Relign yourself to the Axialtonal Lines of the Universe
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Axialtonal Lines and Process Explained (can be done remotely)

Utilizing a specialized sequence of the Acupuncture points along with points used for Chakra Alignment which seems to be able to activate the connection between the body's meridian lines (Oriental Medicine) and the axialtonal lines or energetic matrix of the universe. Depending on the actual sequence used, the results seem to open physical blockages as well as the re-alignment of path blockages. If you feel you are in a holding pattern in your life or your health, this is something you might consider.

I also work on aligning couples and project teams. It has been quite a journey to reach this point in the alignment process but exciting results with this new technique!



“My main focus is to help patients re-balance / align their minds and bodies through alternative therapies. The body has the innate ability to heal itself. Through my practice I provide various therapies, information, tools, and advice to the patient so they can achieve their optimal health and regain their lives.” ~ Patricia J Ahner, AP, LAc, LMT